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NC207 Python Scripting

Linux NC 207 Python Scripting Training

Linux NC 207 Python Scripting Certification Training Institute in India, Bangalore & Indore. Linux NC 207 Python Scripting certification prepares candidates to begin a career working with associate-level cyber security analysts within security operations centers.

Course Fee

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Exam Fee

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Course Outline

Linux Usage Basics
– Starting X from the Console
– Changing your Password
– The root User
– Elevating your Privileges

Running Commands and Getting Help
– Reading Usage Summaries
– man, info, & whatis Commands

Browsing the Filesystem
– Linux File Hierachy Concepts
– Current Working Directory Files & Directory Name
– Absolute and Relative Pathnames
– Create, remove, change, list, copy, move Files & Directories
– Using Nautilus
– Determining File Content, Viewing Files

Using the bash Shell
– bash Introductin History & Features
– Command Line Shortcuts & Editing Tricks
– Command Line Expansion
– gnome-terminal

Standard I/O & Pipes
– Standard Input and Output, Pipes to connect Processes
– Overwriting vs Appending
– Redirecting both standard Output and Error

Text Processing Tools
– Tools for Extracting, Analysing & Manipulating Text
– Special Characters for Matching Text

Basic System Configuration
– Configuring Date and Time
– Basic  linux network config
– System Logs

vi and vim
– Opening, Modifying, Saving Files & Undoing Changes
– Using Command Mode
– Visual Mode
– Splitting the Screen
– Configuring vi and vim

Configuring the bash Shell
– bash Variables, Environment Variables and Aliases
– Configuring and Information Variables
– Variables Expansion, Protecting against Variable Expansion
– Types of Shells, bash startup & Exit Scripts
– using Variables in Shell Scripts

Finding and Processing Files
– The slocate & find Commands, Basic find Examples
– find and Logical Operators, find & Permissions
– find and Numeric Criteria, find & Access Times
– Executing Commands with find and Gnome Search Tools