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Cloud Computing Training

RedHat Server Hardening (RH413)


Networkers Champ training institute Indore, Bhawarkua introduces Redhat courses as well with its all experienced and qualified trainers.

Redhat courses are being proven the best technology for freshers and working people, they can start their career as a Linux administrator and get the kick start future as now a days almost to all companies Linux OS is the secure platform.

Redhat Server targets  to teach Linux system administrators  with basic infrastructure that how to setup and confgiure systems to fulfil and conform the different security policies.


  • Supervision of  Software Updates and upgrades

  • Working with filesystem options and features
  • Convention of special permissions and ACLs
  • Censoring filesystem and files changes
  • Dealing user authorization details
  • Configuring PAM Authentication
  • Boot sequence of RHEL6
  • Configuring IdentityManagement
  • Iptables


Course Overview

After completion of the Red Hat Server Hardening course candidates will be able to deliver methods and attemp for security policy and configuration requirements and options for user authentication, applying updates, system auditing and logging, file system integrity and other factors, it also provides strategies for addressing specific policy and configuration concerns.


What is Unix/lINUX?, Unix Architecture

File Management

Listing Files, Metacharacters, Hidden Files , Creating Files, Editing Files , Display Content of a File

Counting Words in a File , Copying Files , Renaming Files , Deleting Files , Standard Unix Streams

Directory Management

Home Directory, Absolute/Relative Pathnames, Listing Directories , Creating Directories, Creating Parent Directories, Removing Directories , Changing Directories , Renaming Directories, The directories . (dot) and .. (dot dot)

File Permission / Access Modes

The Permission Indicators , File Access Modes , Directory Access Modes , Changing Permissions, Using chmod with Absolute Permissions , Changing Owners and Groups, Changing Ownership, Changing Group Ownership, SUID and SGID File Permission


The .profile File, Setting the Terminal Type, Setting the PATH, PS1 and PS2 Variables, Environment Variables

Basic Utilities

Printing Files, Sending Email
Pipes and Filters
The grep Command, The Sort Command, The pg and more Commands

Processes Management

Starting a Process, Background Processes, Listing Running Processes, Stopping Processes, Parent and Child Processes , Zombie and Orphan Processes, Daemon Processes, The top Command, Job ID Versus Process ID

Network Communication Utilities

The ping Utility, The ftp Utility, The telnet Utility, The finger Utility

The vi Editor

Starting the vi Editor, Operation Modes, Getting Out of vi, Moving within a File, Control Commands, Editing Files, Deleting Characters, Change Commands, Copy and Paste Commands, Advanced Commands, Word and Character Searching, Set Commands, Running Commands, Replacing Text


What is Shell?

Shell Prompt, Shell Types, Shell Scripts, Example Script, Shell Comments, Extended Shell Scripts

Using Shell Variables

Variable Names, Defining Variables, Accessing Values, Read-only Variables, Unsetting Variables, Variable Types

Special Variables

Command-Line Arguments, Special Parameters $* and $@, Exit Status

Using Shell Arrays

Defining Array Values, Accessing Array Values

Shell Basic Operators

Arithmetic Operators, Unix - Shell Arithmetic Operators Example, Relational Operators, Unix - Shell Relational Operators Example, Boolean Operators, Unix - Shell Boolean Operators Example, String Operators, Unix - Shell String Operators Example, File Test Operators, Unix - Shell File Test Operators Example, C Shell Operators, Unix - C Shell Operators, Korn Shell Operators, Unix - Korn Shell Operators

Shell Decision Making

The if...else statements, Unix Shell - The if...fi statement, Unix Shell - The if...else...fi statement, Unix Shell - The if...elif...fi statement, The case...esac Statement, Unix Shell - The case...esac Statement

Shell Loop Types

Unix Shell - The while Loop, Unix Shell - The for Loop, Unix Shell - The until Loop, Unix Shell - The select Loop, Nesting Loops, Nesting while Loops

Shell Loop Control

The infinite Loop, The break statement, The continue statement

Shell Substitution

What is Substitution?, Command Substitution, Variable Substitution

Shell Quoting Mechanisms

The Metacharacters, The Single Quotes, The Double Quotes, The Backquotes

Shell Input/Output Redirections

Output Redirection, Input Redirection, Here Document, Discard the output, Redirection Commands

Shell Functions

Creating Functions, Pass Parameters to a Function, Returning Values from Functions, Nested Functions, Function Call from Prompt

Shell Man Page Help

Man Page Sections, Useful Shell Commands, Unix - Useful Commands, Files and Directories, Manipulating data, Compressed Files, Getting Information, Network Communication, Messages between Users, Programming Utilities, Misc Commands


Regular Expressions with SED

Invoking sed, The sed General Syntax, Deleting All Lines with sed, The sed Addresses, The sed Address Ranges, The Substitution Command, Substitution Flags, Using an Alternative String Separator, Replacing with Empty Space, Address Substitution, The Matching Command, Using Regular Expression, Matching Characters, Character Class Keywords, Ampersand Referencing , Using Multiple sed Commands, Back References

File System Basics

Directory Structure, Navigating the File System, The df Command, The du Command, Mounting the File System, Unmounting the File System, User and Group Quotas

User Administration

Managing Users and Groups, Create a Group, Modify a Group, Delete a Group, Create an Account, Modify an Account, Delete an Account

System Performance

Performance Components, Performance Tools

System Logging

Syslog Facilities, Syslog Priorities, The /etc/syslog.conf file, Logging Actions, The logger Command, Log Rotation, Important Log Locations

Signals and Traps

List of Signals, Default Actions, Sending Signals, Trapping Signals, Cleaning Up Temporary Files, Ignoring Signals, Resetting Traps


Course Fee



Regular Track

Fast Track

Super Fast Track

Week End's

Cost in INR


2.15  Mon ths (2hrs)

1 Month (4hrs)

15  Days (6hrs)

14  Weeks (4hrs)

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