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Check Point Training: Check Point Certification is one of the highly respected and demanded certifications in the networking domain at present. So do not waste time, get trained and certified when the demand in on high. Networkers champ Bangalore is the right place for you to begin.

Check point training, one of the most searched network security course in the silicon valley, Bangalore as well as all over the world now. With over 25,100 certified experts worldwide, Checkpoint certification is one of the most exceedingly prestigious and respected vendor specific security certifications.

The substance of Check Point certifications indorse a Security engineers ability to maintain every day function and operation of Check Point security solutions and ensure secure access to information across the network.

Networkers Champ, the leading Networking training institute in Bangalore & Indore offers the best training in Check Point course ensuring the great quality training with highly professional and qualified trainers.

This course enables you to gain the industry level knowledge and participates for the CCSE certification.

After successfully completion of the course you will be able to know how to effectively build, modify, deploy and troubleshoot Check Point Security.

Who Should Attend

Check point is designed for a user who is having enough industry experience and very good understanding on implementing basic level of security, This could include System Administrators, Support Analysts, Network Engineers and anyone seeking CCSE certification


The security aspirants who really wants to learn check point should have enough understanding in networking, TCP/IP, how to build a network using some protocols, candidate should also have 
UNIX and Windows operating systems, Certificate management, system administration, and Check Point Security Administration course/CCSA Certification.up and basic level troubleshooting

Platform and Version

This course is based on the Check Point Security Management Server R77 and Security Gateway R77 deployed on GAiA operating system

Course Objectives

Students will be able to learn below topic after completion of the course

  • Execute a backup of a Security Gateway and Management Server using your empathetic of the differences between backup, snapshot and upgrade-export
  • Upgrade and troubleshoot a Management Server using a database migration
  • Upgrade and troubleshoot a clustered Security Gateway deployment
  • Use knowledge of Security Gateway infrastructures, packet flow and kernel tables for troubleshooting firewall functions
  • Build, test and troubleshoot a management HA deployment
  • Build, test and troubleshoot a ClusterXL Load Sharing deployment
  • Build, test and troubleshoot a ClusterXL High Availability deployment
  • Configure, maintain and troubleshoot SecureXL and CoreXL acceleration solutions to ensure noted performance enhancement
  • Manage internal and external user access to resources for Remote Access VPN
  • Using an external user database such as LDAP, configure User Directory to incorporate user information for Authentication services on the network
  • Troubleshoot user access issues found when implementing Identity Awareness
  • Troubleshoot a site-to-site or certificate-based VPN on a corporate gateway using IKE View, VPN log files and command-line tools
  • Create events or use existing event definitions to generate reports on specific network traffic using SmartReporter and SmartEvent to provide industry compliance information to management

Lab Exercises Include

Upgrade to Check Point R77
Core CLI elements of firewall administration
Migrate to a clustering solution
Configure SmartDashboard to interface with Active Directory
Configure site-to-site VPNs with third-party certificates
Remote Access VPN
SmartEvent and SmartReporter


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